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We have a variety of shooting sports and competitions
New shooters are welcome and membership is not required to shoot in any of our matches.

Something For Everyone

Membership in the club is not required for any of our shooting sport events.

Our club has been offering competitive shooting events dating back to the 1940s. Today we offer many forms of shooting sports to sharpen your skill with a pistol, rifle or shotgun.

Several of our events take 1-2 hours to complete. If you like to shoot, something here may be for you since our events do not have a lot of down time. You can shoot in the morning and be done by lunch.

Our organized shooting sport competitions are open to all members and non-members. New shooters will find that experienced shooters will generally help out with coaching and loaning spare gear. Listed below are our scheduled events.

NRA Conventional Highpower Rifle (200 Yard Reduced Match)

Time: 9:00 a.m. The 2018 Match Dates: 3-Feb, 3-Mar, 7-Apr, 2-Jun, 1-Sep, 6-Oct and 3-Nov.

Match Director: Jim Knerr; Contact via email here.

Download the 2018 NRA League Program

NRA High Power Rifle Rulebook

In 2016, scopes up to 4.5X (objective 34mm) were allowed on AR15 Type Service Rifles in Highpower Rifle. Any power scopes are allowed in the match rifle category.

M1A prone shooting

Match Origins

NRA Highpower has it's roots in military rifle training. Similar rifle training and qualifications are still conducted by the USMC and US Coast Guard today. The match is conducted on the Known Distance (KD) range at 200, 300 and 600 yards.

Anyone who has fired in an Appleseed event, should see this type of match as the logical next step to continue what was learned. Many shooters use our 200 yard "reduced match" as a training event to prepare for the full distance matches that are held in the region or the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

M1A prone shooting

The event held at our club

At Pensacola Rifle and Pistol Club, the match is held on our 200 yard rifle range as a "reduced match" meaning that the 300 and 600 yards stages are fired on targets reduced to simulate the full distance. The rifles allowed are Service Rifles with iron sightsM1 Garand and M1A type rifles. AR15 type rifles may have iron sights or optics up to 4.5X magnification. Match rifles with metallic sights or any optic (bolt action or semi-auto).


The NRA has classifications to assure that similar skill lever shooters compete with each other, so those with less experience compete with shooters in the same class.The Distinguished Rifleman's Badge is the coveted award of all service rifle shooters with many attending our match to train for those matches.

distinghised rifleman badge

The course of fire for the 80 round match:

13 minutes unlimited sighting period
200 yards from a standing position, 20 rounds, 20 minute time limit
200 yards rapid fire from sitting or kneeling in 60 seconds (two strings, 10 rounds each)
300 yards (reduced) from a prone position in 70 seconds (two strings, 10 rounds each)
600 yards (reduced) from a prone position, 20 rounds. 20 minute time limit

Match fee: $10. First match each season add $5 for NRA League Fee. NRA classifications are used for prize categories, prizes are credits earned are placed toward next match fee. 80 round match takes around 2 hours to complete.

shooting the standing stage

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Rimfire Benchrest

Every Friday Year Round

Match Director: Bert Falzone 850-478-0871; Contact via email here.

About 15 years ago our Club had an air rifle group with regular competitions and a dozen regular members. When age and attrition gradually reduced the number of participants, they decided to convert to a more modern format using .22 Long Rifle as the standard. Many people own a rifle that could compete and we welcome Club members to join us. Our group decided to setup for ARA (American Rimfire Association) and use their targets.

Check out: ARA standards specify that targets are placed at exactly fifty yards from the benchrest. The target sheets contain 25 frames for record plus additional frames designated for sighters only (target frames are 2" square). Each frame is an individual target. A participant may fire unlimited sighters in the sighter frames, but only 1 shot is allowed on each of the 25 for record frames in a time limit of 20 minutes.

For scoring, take a look at the targets below.

benchrest target

In Frame 1 the hole breaks the line between the 50 and 100 and in this discipline this scores as a 50. The lower score is used since the line has been completely broken (Also note the poor defenseless love bug that decided to crawl across the paper above frame 2). Frame 2 is clearly a 100 score since it is inside the circle. Most participants choose to use single shot bolt action rifles because of their inherent accuracy over semiautomatic rifles.

The tiny targets also require a scope for lining up the shots. Front or rear rifle rests can be sandbags, but many use easily adjustable mechanical rests. A solid front and rear rest are critical to line up a good shot in benchrest. Benchrest is a precision shooting sport. A good example of the shooting required is that the shooter must hit a dime from half a football field then continue hitting the same hole in the dime several times.

Then the wind blows, which affects a .22 bullet quite a bit, even at 50 yards. A wind of five miles per hour can move the bullet almost a half inch at the point of impact! Wind devices placed down range help with the wind reading. Want a challenge? Come out to the Club’s rimfire range, bring your scoped .22LR rifle and some sandbags to give it a try!

Match Fee $5.00, 2 target match, except for the last Friday of each month cost is $10.00 for a 4 target match.
Need to bring - 22 cal. rifle, rest, and ammo.
Course of fire - 25 bulls per target. We use American Rimfire Targets and rules.

benchrest rimfire benchrest rimfire

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Shotgun-Trap Shooting

1st and 3rd Sundays, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.

2nd and 4th Saturdays, 9 a.m.

NEW! 3rd Thursdays, 6 p.m. (night shoots during the months of "Standard Time")

Cost: $5 per round of 25 clays.

Match Director: Michael Bamford; Contact via email here.

Tired of paper targets that never move? Want to shoot what offers the challenge of flying through the air? Then it is time to come out and try out our Shotgun Trap facility. Our shoots focus on practice with absolutely no "match" pressure.

Shotgun Trap Practice Shotgun Trap Practice

If you have a 12 to 20 gauge shotgun and a couple boxes of shells, that is all you need to play a game that teaches or enhances skills needed to lead and shoot a moving target. Your shotgun can be pump, auto, side by side, over under or even a single shot. A ribbed barrel is good, but not needed. Chokes are allowed, the common full choke works very well. While some ammunition has become scarce, shot shells are always available for reasonable prices. All you need are target loads with shot size #7.5 or 8 (in a 12ga the velocity range is 1145fps). Shotgun, shells, hearing protection, eye protection highly recommended. That is about all the equipment you need to take on the “birds”.

Now for the fun part. Our Trap Range has 5 stations which means 5 shots at each station and switch to the next until 25 rounds are fired. Our launcher is electric with voice activation, so when a shooter loads one round and says “pull!” the machine will automatically launch a single bird in one of a few random directions. The goal of hitting a perfect 25 out of 25 targets, while challenging, is not impossible. Trap does require some practice to become proficient, but you will catch on quickly and soon will be making dust out of flying targets!

The Trap program at our Club has plenty of birds ready for you to blast away, the launching machine is ready to throw birds for your enjoyment. The only thing that stops us is if the weather does not cooperate. Experienced shooters are always ready to give advice and help new participants learn the methods used for tracking flying targets.

Almost everyone has a shotgun, if you have not tried this yet, you are missing out on a rewarding experience.

Cost per 25 shot round: $5.

Shotgun Trap Practice Shotgun Trap Practice

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Silhouette - Now Featuring Electronic Scoring

NEW DAY! Second MONDAY of the month, 9 a.m.: every month except December, January and February

Match Director: Harry Stover; Contact via email here.

silo shooting

Shooting paper targets is one thing, reactive targets are something else completely. On the second Saturday of the month, our club hosts a silhouette match fired with pistols.

During the 2015 season, electronically scored targets were created and implemented by a competitor. Basically, when you hit the target, the light shines to confirm the hit. The photos below demonstrates the setup. Shooters no longer have to go down range to reset targets after every 10 rounds.

Affiliated with the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association ( , the match includes targets at 25, 50, 75 and 100 meters using targets of varying degrees of difficulty. On occasions, larger targets are set up out to 200 meters for large bore pistols.

Electronic scoring shown below. When you hit the steel plate, the light flashes.

silo targets silo targets

Handguns used can be rimfire or centerfire, factory production models with iron sights or custom “unlimited” pistols with optics and barrels up to 15 inches. Shooting positions are standing or from the Creedmoor style which is pictured below. You can bring what you have and more experienced shooters will help you get started. After giving it a try, you may find it can be an addictive sport as you try to knock down more targets than your last time.

A take away is that pistol silhouette teaches steady hands and marksmanship that follows into your recreational shooting. It was described as being “like a shooting gallery on the Midway” except you don’t have to wait until the fair to shoot, this target gallery is available every month!

The match is 40 shots, 10 shots fired in two strings of 5 rounds each at each yard line. Some participants bring a second handgun to shoot the match twice. Cost per 40 shot match is $5.

creedmoor position silo hold

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NRA Precision Pistol (900 and 2700 Matches)

Precision Pistol Information Specific Page Click Here precision pistol

This match is a tradition at our club, and will present you with the ultimate challenge in handgun shooting. Conventional Pistol is firing a pistol single hand at targets of fixed distances. Iron sights or optics are allowed.

Our club has 45 firing points on a single firing line. The 50 yard slowfire stages use fixed targets while all 25 yard shooting takes place on our electronically timed turning target system.

900 pistol match is held every Thursday, 9:30 a.m. (weather permitting)

Match Director: Don Moak

The 900 Pistol Match is a 90 round match (900 points) that will test your skills with a handgun at 25 and 50 yards. Any .22 rimfire or centerfire .32 caliber and larger may be used. Pistol Director Don Moak runs this match and will keep you on your toes for around 1 hour and 15 minutes!

Match Fee: Free! You must supply your own target supplies (available at the range for nominal cost) Come early enough to be set up and ready to start firing at 9:30am sharp.

900 Course of Fire:

50 yards slow fire, 10 rounds, 10 minute time limit (2 strings of 10)

The National Match Course:
50 yards slow fire, 10 rounds, 10 minute time limit
25 yards timed fire, 10 rounds (two magazines of 5 rounds, 20 seconds each)
25 yards rapid fire, 10 rounds (two magazines of 5 rounds, 10 seconds each)

25 yards timed fire, 10 rounds, two strings (string=two magazines of 5 rounds, 20 seconds each)
25 yards rapid fire, 10 rounds, two strings (string=two magazines of 5 rounds, 10 seconds)

2700 Pistol Match

9:30 a.m., Fourth Saturdays; Schedule for 2018: 27-Jan (weather permitting), 24-Feb, 24-Mar, 28-Apr, 23-Jun, 25-Aug, 22-Sep, 27-Oct and 24-Nov.

Match Director: Paul Hlubek 850-916-3941

Contact via email here.

Download the 2018 Match Program

The NRA 2700 Pistol Match, breaks down into three 900 matches (270 rounds for a total of 2,700 points).The course of fire is the same as the above 900 match except it is fired three times using three pistol different pistol categories.

First it's the .22 caliber match. Second the center fire pistol match (.32 caliber and larger). Then a lunch break followed by the .45 caliber match for a total of 270 rounds. Don't have three pistols? No problem, many people bring a rimfire and a .45 which they fire for the center fire and .45 matches.

Don't have time for three matches? You are welcome to shoot one match or two getting in a rimfire and center fire being completed by lunch.

If you like to shoot pistols and want to add precision, then this match could be for you!

Match Fees: $10 package for the entire 2700 or $5 per 900 match fired. First match requires once per season $5 NRA League Fee.

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Fiesta of Five Flags Pistol Tournament

NRA 2700 Regional Tournament
with NRA Distinguished Revolver, CMP Service Pistol EIC and CMP .22 Rimfire EIC Matches

Match Director: Paul Hlubek 850-916-3941

Contact via email here.

Date: May 5-6, 2018; Download the 2018 match program with entry form.

Fiesta logo

A big part of our Club’s history for 66 years has been the Fiesta Pistol Match. The 2017 match was fired May 6-7. The coveted NRA Gold, Siver and Bronze Medallions were up for grabs once again. We always look forward to seeing familiar faces as the race to the National Matches begins to heat up.

The two weeks leading up to the Fiesta of Five Flags NRA Regional Pistol Match had been blustery gray skies, stormy with strong winds, but broke into perfect weather just in time for the match with sunshine, blue skies mild temperatures, low humidity and light breezes.

That set the stage for some great scores across all of the NRA classifications including our Regional Champion who was within striking distance of a national record performance.

This year we hosted 30 shooters from Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Missisippi, Lousiana and as far away as Missouri. The US Army Marksmanship Unit fielded a team as well as the US Army Reserve.

Our 2017 Regional Champions

(center) Gold: SSG Greg Markowski, USAMU - 2666-168X

(right) Silver: SPC Chris Hudock, USAMU - 2608-111X

(left) Bronze: SGM George Greene, USAR - 2598-90X

fiesta first place

SPC Chris Hudock of the US Army Marksmanship Unit . . .

. . . put on a clinic during the .22 portion of the match firing multiple 10X cleans during the .22 match on May 6. One was during Timed Fire and the other was during a Rapid Fire stage. Timed fire is two strings of 5 shots fired in a time limit of 20 seconds each. Rapid Fire is two strings of 5 shots each fired in a time limit of 10 seconds each.

Doesn't sound too hard? Consider that the distance is 25 yards and the firing is done with one hand. Not to mention having to reload and re-establish the sight picture for each string. Thanks for the display of impressive marksmanship Chris!

fiesta team match

Past Years Match Results

2017 Fiesta Match

2016 Fiesta Match

2015 Fiesta Match

2014 Fiesta Match

fiesta team match

Fiesta Match History

It was first fired in 1951 as a two-day small bore match, but was changed to a pistol match in 1952 with 15 competitors and quickly grew to 100 in the late 1950s. By 1965, the Fiesta Match saw range capacity crowds of 250 competitors from the armed services and individuals from all over the country including Alaska and Hawaii, Europe and the Panama Canal Zone. With so many people participating, the match took 3-4 days to fire all the events. In 1965, at the Beck's Lake Road range property near Cantonment, an additional 50 yard range was built just for the slow fire stages to accommodate additional shooters so no one would be turned away.

Fiesta logo Fiesta logo

The Fiesta tournament served as “a preliminary for both International Games of 1972 and the Olympics.” - Pensacola News Journal, June 6, 1971

A big draw was the purse for the prizes, which in 1968 was as high as $5,000 (for inflation: $34,014)! The Club’s operational budget was also derived solely from proceeds of the Fiesta Match for many years.

While NRA Conventional Pistol matches are not as huge as they once were, the competition is still fierce.This type of pistol shooting can be poised to make a come back as firearm manufacturers are beginning to build pistols with good 50 yard accuracy into them without breaking the bank.

fiesta patch fiest-amu fiesta

Click Here To See The October 2015 CMP EIC Pistol Matches

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2018 Civilian Marksmanship Program Rifle Games TBA

2016 Match was held on May 28

Match Director: Jim Knerr; Email Contact Here.

Download 2016 Match Results Here!

CMP Games logo

CMP Games are recreational shooting events that encourage us to use WWI bolt actions right through to today’s semi-auto rifles in a 30 round course of fire. It takes place on our 200 yard rifle range.

No special equipment is required, just rifle and ammo. However, a small stool, mat to lay on and spotting scope are helpful. Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) are required by CMP, loaners will be available.

The “competition” in this match is the shooter and rifle vs. the target. Gold, silver, or bronze awards are given to anyone who achieves a score as set by the CMP. Participants may fire in every category and “Re-Entry” is allowed to give it another try with the same rifle.

cmp games

The John C. Garand Match: as-issued M1s caliber 30-06 and “Unlimited Garands” (match accurized and caliber .308). .30 caliber M1941 Johnson Rifles may also be fired.

The Springfield Match: as-issued M1903 (except “low serial number”), 1903-A3 rifles, US Model 1917 and .30-40 Krag.

The Vintage Military Rifle Match: as-issued, bolt-action rifles used by armed forces outside the US, with standard sights and original chambering.

The Modern Military Rifle Match: include Class A: rifles based on the M16/AR design, no special accurizing, .223/5.56 caliber. Class B: US and foreign semi-automatic military rifles with no special accurizing with caliber no larger than 8mm. (examples: M14/M1A, AK 47/74, SKS, FN-FAL, SVT) Optics may be used in Modern Military Category, they will have their own category vs. iron sights and must remain on the rifle for all 3 stages. Collapsible stocks are allowed but must stay in the same position for all stages.

CMP Games Reminder Photo

Rifle slings are not required, but can be helpful if used in an arm loop configuration for support in prone. During standing, the sling may be attached, but not be used for support.

Each relay is limited to 12 shooters taking about 1.5 hours per relay. Additional relays will run until everyone is finished. Early relay assignments are given on a first come first serve basis via email announcement the week before the match. Later relays are filled on a space available basis.

cmp games cmp games

CMP Games Course of Fire (35 shots at 200 yards)

Sighting 5 rounds
Slow fire 5 minutes Prone 10 rounds, slow fire 10 minutes
Prone (from Standing*) 10 rounds rapid fire 80 seconds
Standing 10 rounds slow fire 10 minutes
*If you are unable to stand before the stage, provisions can be made to stay in position. Rapid fire requires a reload, 2 and 8 for a semi-auto, 5 and 5 for a bolt action. Slow fire is loaded one at a time, not from the magazine.

The CMP Games begin May 30, 2015 at 9am, with check in complete and gear on the line for first relay no later than 8:45am. Each relay is limited to 12 shooters

Cost: $10 per rifle/relay fired. A new relay will begin approximately every 1.5 hours. If you need any information or would like to be placed on the email list, click the link above to email the match director.

For information and complete rules and rifles check out:

cmp games cmp games

2016 Games Rifle Games Results

2015 Games Rifle Games Results

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