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Halloween CMP Pistol Events

Our Halloween events will challenge your strong-hand only pistol shooting.

Halloween: No Tricks and Shoot For Your Treat

Results From The Match 2015

On October 31, 2015, our club will be hosting a Halloween - No Tricks And Earn Your Treat pistol event that is geared toward introducing new and seasoned pistol shooters to a classic form of pistol shooting.

All you need is a pistol and case, at least two magazines, ammunition and stapler. A spotting scope can be helpful for the slowfire stage. There will be a “Warm-Up Event” so everyone can get the “feel” of a true classic pistol match, also check their pistol zeros and then shoot again for special matches for the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

Anyone can shoot a pistol with two hands, but the twist of these events are that they are fired strong hand only. It is about grip like a firm handshake, couple that with sight alignment and trigger control.

First relay Halloween 2015

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has given us sanction to hold what are called Excellence In Competition (EIC) events for Service Pistol and Rimfire Pistol, a tradition that goes back to the early 1900s. EIC matches are known to CMP pistol shooters as “legs” where they try to earn "leg" points toward the Distinguished Service Pistol Badge and new for 2015 the Distinguished Rimfire Pistol Badge.

This shooting sports event is open to all members and non-members. New shooters will find that experienced shooters will generally help out with coaching and loaning spare gear.

First relay Halloween 2015

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Schedule of Events - Check-In 8:30am, First Shots 9am, October 31, 2015

Match Director: Jim Knerr 850-479-3538 Contact via email here.

Event #1: "Warm Up Pistol" fired with either Service Pistol or Rimfire Pistol

Event #2: Rimfire Pistol EIC (Rimfire Pistols only)

Event #3: Service Pistol EIC (Service Pistols only)

Event #4: Two-Person Team Match (Service Pistol or Rimfire Pistol)

Course of Fire: The Pistol National Match Course

Each event uses the same course of fire.

Stage 1: 50 yards slow fire, standing. 1 series of 10 shots in 10 minutes.

Stage 2: 25 yards timed fire, standing. 2 series of 5 shots in 20 seconds per series.

Stage 3: 25 yards rapid fire, standing. 2 series of 5 shots in 20 seconds per series.

TARGETS: 50 Yards, NRA B-6 Target and 25 Yards, NRA B-8 Target. Club members, for practice, these targets are available in the rifle range blockhouse.

scoring pistol targets

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CMP Approved Sevice Pistols for Sanctioned Events

As you will see below, the choices for pistol are nearly endless.

Pistols may be match conditioned, provided there are no external alternations or modifications. Iron sights are required and can be adjustable type.

Trigger pull must be able to lift a 4 pound weight. Anyone who meets the requirements to earn leg points will have their pistol checked for CMP compliance.

US Government or Colt M1911 Service Pistol or commercial versions.

Must be chambered in 45 ACP only, barrel length no greater than 5.100".

US Government Beretta M9 / M9A1 Service Pistols or commercial versions.

Must be chambered in 9x19mm only, barrel length not less than 4.9" and not greater than 5.100".

Other Approved Service Pistols

If you have one of these, bring it out and see what it can do!

Manufacturer Pistol Model Chambering
BERETTA 96 Series .40S&W
98 Series 9x21mm
PX4 Storm (Full Size) 9mm/40S&W/.45 ACP
PX4 Storm SD .45ACP
BROWNING BDA 9x10mm/9x21mm
BDM 9mm
PRO9 9mm
FN/Browning Highpower 9mm, .40S&W
CZ CZ 75 Series 9mm
CZ 85 Series 9mm
CZ 97 B and D .45ACP
FN FNX-9 9mm
FNX-40 .40S&W
FNX-45 .45ACP
FNX-45 Tactical .45ACP
FNS-9 9mm
FNS-9 Longslide 9mm
FNS-40 .40S&W
FNS-40 Longslide .40S&W
GLOCK G17, G19, G34 9mm
G22, G23, G35 .40S&W
G21, G41 .45ACP
G20 10mm
G31 .357SIG
G37 .45 G.A.P.
G38 .45 G.A.P.
H&K P30L 9mm/.40S&W
HK45 .45ACP
HK45 Tactical .45ACP
HK45 Compact Tactical .45ACP
USP 9mm/.40S&W
USP Tactical 9mm
USP Tactical .40S&W
USP Tactical .45ACP
Ruger P85, P89, KP89, SR9 9mm
P90, KP90, P345, KP345,SR45 .45ACP
P91, KP91, SR40 .40S&W
SIG SAUER P210, P210 Legend, P210 Legend Target 9mm
P220 .45ACP,
P220 Match, P220 Super Match .45ACP
P226 9mm/.357SIG/.40S&W
M11 (P229) 9mm
P229R .40S&W
SMITH & WESSON M&P, M39, M59, M439, M459, M539, M559, M639, M659, M5903, M5904, M5905, M5906, M5924, M5926, M5943, Sigma, M909, M910, M915, M3904, M3906, MSD9VE 9mm
M&P, M410, M411, Sigma, M4003, M4004, M4043, M4044, M4046, MSD40VE .40 S&W
M&P, Sigma, M745, M645, M4506, M4586, M4526, M4566, M4576 .45ACP
M1006, M1026, M1046, M1066, M1076, M1086 10mm
XD(M) 9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP
XD(M) Comp 9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP
TAURUS PT-92, PT-99, P-24/7, PT-809, PT-911 9MM
PT-100, PT-101, P-24/7, PT-840 .40S&W
P-24/7, PT-845 .45ACP
PT-38S .38 Super
PT-400 .400 Cor-Bon
P99 9mm/.40S&W
PPX 9mm/.40S&W

CMP Approved Rimfire Pistols for Sanctioned Events

The Standard Smallbore Pistol may be fired in CMP-Sanctioned Rimfire EIC Matches and other CMP-sanctioned .22 Rimfire Pistol matches.

  1. The pistol may be either semi-automatic or a revolver.
  2. The pistol must be chambered for the .22 cal. rimfire long rifle cartridge.
  3. The pistol may have symmetrical, orthopedic or specially shaped grips.
  4. The pistol may have only open sights. Optical sights are not permitted. The rear sight may be adjustable, but must have an open “U” or rectangular notch. Extended or adjustable front sights are not permitted. The total sight radius may not be more than 10.0 inches as measured from the rear surface of the rear sight to the highest point of the front sight.
  5. The pistol must have a trigger pull of at least 2.0 pounds.
  6. Any system of recoil control based on a compensator, barrel venting, barrel porting or other recoil reduction system operating in a similar manner is prohibited.

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CMP Ammunition Requirements

Service Pistol calibers can be no smaller than 9x19mm and no larger than 45 ACP. Any safe jacketed ammo is allowed.

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How To Be A Part Of The Fun

Match Director: Jim Knerr 850-479-3538 Contact via email here.

Download Match Program PDF

Who can shoot? Any eligible competitor, you need not be a member of the NRA, CMP or the sponsoring club. All competitors must have an "Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement" on file at the sponsoring club or present at registration. It requires a notary stamp, which your bank will most likely do for free. Download from CMP here.

RULES: Current edition of CMP Rules which can be downloaded HERE.

WHAT TO BRING: Pistol with case, at least 2 magazines, at least 30 rounds of ammunition per event (always bring a little extra), stapler, water and snacks.

FEES: $25 for the Warm Up and One EIC Match or $40 for the Warm Up and Both EIC Matches.
Team Match is $5 per firing team member. Match fees include CMP EIC sanctioning ($10 per EIC fired).

Empty Chamber Indicators will be used by all competitors. ECIs will be available at the match.


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About the Distinguished Badge Program

The best way hear about what the Distinguished Rifle and Pistol Badge is all about is to go to the Civilian Marksmanship Program website HERE.

It is a journey that takes you on a pursuit for marksmanship that translates to your other shooting disciplines.

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